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Indicator app with audio?


Just received my first LaMetric time device and quickly did an indicator app showing daily revenue of an online shop...

Is there a possibility to add an audio sounding like a cash register if revenue value is higher than from last pull?

Seems nobody knows?

In the developer docs it states clearly:

"It is important to display numbers, charts or text messages that stay on LaMetric until new data has come and optionally notify the user about change."

So does this "notify user about change" should work?

Setting the 'id' with an audio ID doesn't work this way:

$array['frames'][0]['id'] = 'cash';

Updating an app and playing audio is not possible, as far as I know. You can however send a notification using the local notification API that can play a sound.

So, you would have to do two things:

1. send push request, to update your app

2. send notification with sound to notify you about the change

You could also ask the support at - they are generally really nice and answer your questions.

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