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Extended network settings

Can we get extended network settings like 

- custom DNS server

- static IP settings

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I bought LaMetric Time for a business use and I am currently evaluating it.

My initial idea is to use its digital "Clock" function, capable of displaying "senconds" values in digital without manual time-ajustment in an analytical laboratory of manufacturing companies where a precise time recording is required. A computer network in such an environment is closed and has no direct connection to the Internet. Instead, an independent time server for NTP is installed there.

I had assumed that LaMetric Time might have an user setting of IP address of NTP server. After my actual experience of LaMetric Time, I found it was completely my misunderstanding. No user setting for NTP server is available. 

A possible work-around for the NTP server access limitation is to introduce a new local DNS that tells an internal IP of NTP server for queries to external NTP pools.

My concern is, however;

Even if the NTP access could be solved by that method, is an access to a "Server" in LaMetric company essential everytime LaMetric Time reboots for a kind of license authorization to provide its whole services including "Clock"? If it is so, my attempt will fail.

Has anyone tried providing a local NTP server access to use the "Clock" functionality of LaMetric Time and got a good result? If it is not possible, I must discard my initial inteded use.

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