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Multiple priority "warning" or "critical" should not clear the previous

When using API v2 to send messages, it would seem that a subsequent send of a "warning" or "critical" message clears the prior one of the same type.

That's strange.

What if I have multiple "critical" messages pile up, for example

Garage door opened while alarm was on (cause someone broke in)

followed by...

Side door opened while alarm was on (cause the robber was scared off and fled)

...they each get assigned a unique ID.  So why not display them both (one after another) continually until cleared.

It seems to work now that if a "info" message comes in, when a "critical" message is already being displayed, as soon as that "critical" message is cleared, the "info" message that was 'waiting' behind it appears.  Thats nice, I guess, but why isn't there an option so that every message in the "queue" is displayed sequentially after the other, until each one is cleared?

I wouldn't want to have to go in and "silence" anything. Part of the thing I love about my LaMetric is that I can't have it all done automatically without having to do anything. So this would definitely have to be an option. I wouldn't want to have to go push a button or go in to the app just to make it stop scrolling something.
I actually can't make any sense of this now.

Sometimes a "critical" message will clear all previous "info" and "warning" messages, sometimes it wont.  It seems at this point the easiest thing to do is just send every message as "critical" that way when you clear the latest one, the previous one will still scroll.


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