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Add battery to later LaMetric units?

I noticed the later LaMetric units are no longer offered with a battery.  Perhaps this decision was due to shipping/legal constraints?  I like using LaMetric as a Bluetooth speaker.  Is it possible the pins/parts are still populated on the board to charge/run from a battery, and it's just waiting for a battery pack to be attached?

I'd like to try it, at my own risk of course - but I can't really figure out how to open LaMetic without destroying the plastic casing.

Anyone managed to open it, or have pictures of the later version PCB?

I know I could just attach an external USB battery pack to the back, but carrying two things around seems "dumb"

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No official answer from support? A simple, yes all the requirement components to add a battery are in place however in doing so would void your warranty would suffice =)

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