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UPnP Discovery on Windows PowerShell


I'm trying to discover my LaMetric Time device inside my network with PowerShell and the COM Object "UPnP.UPnPDeviceFinder":

$ssdpFinder = New-Object -ComObject 'UPnP.UPnPDeviceFinder'
$ssdpFinder.FindByType('upnp:rootdevice', 0)

The UPnP / SSDP discovery works, because I get all my Sonos devices back, but no LaMetric Time device. A Wireshark trace showed me, that the LaMetric device is sending 3 UDP packages with destination port 61391 to my host, instead of port 1900, which should be the default for UPnP. I think that is why Windows can't parse the result.

Is this a bug or am I wrong with my query?

My System:

Windows 10, 1607 (14393.222), PowerShell 5.1

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Hi Claudio, unfortunately currently LaMetric Time does not respond to discovery request with type upnp:rootdevice. But, as a workaround you may want to use one of these:

  • ssdp:all - this will give you all devices and services in your network
  • urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:LaMetric:1 - this will give you all LaMetric Time devices in your network

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