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PayPal total

One of the things that the Kickstarter video showed all those years ago was your PayPal total but this hasn't happened even now. It's pretty much the main reason I helped fund it on Kickstarter.

I just have a feeling that, if it was possible on the current system, it would have been made by now.

I've asked Lametric about it a few times. Firstly the answer was that it was coming soon but now the answer is "try making it yourself with our easy to use app maker".

Anyone have an idea on making it happen?

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I would buy one if this was a confirmed app? Guess it hasn't been made in over 2 years so Guess they gave up on this one?

If you have your own server, I could give you a few tips how to do it (I can get my balance using a small php script and this could be pushed to the LaMetric - but I've only a personal PayPal account, so I don't know how (or if) this works with a business account). I think there is no way to do this just using the app maker.

Thanks A Lex,

I've decided to make my own display with a raspberry pi, as I don't want to get locked into a product and then it dies. (although, there is no signs of that, I just don't like the locked in of a proprietary product)

If this product had an App for ebay, and paypal. I would buy 2. Without those apps the value of the product drops significantly for my uses.

LaMetric PayPal app (Business) is already available in the Store.

Is it safe to put paypal credentials in the app? 

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