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Support for WPA2-Enterprise networks

Do you plan adding the support of WPA2-Enterprise networks?

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Especially as it was promised in the original campaign...
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When I brought mine to work, it DID connect to a WPA2-Enterprise WAP.  But then I was told new firmware was available...  When I installed it the LaMetric could not connect.  Restoring it back to the previous firmware version "fixed it" and I'm connected to the WiFi network again!  Odd.


M/N: LM 37X8

S/N SA150800147700W00BP9

SW ver: 1.0.21

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Echo this so much. We need Enterprise (username & password) WiFi support. It's no good having a "For Business" section on the website, when 75% of all businesses require WiFi authentication.


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This feature is soooo needed. I’m unable to use my lametric for what I intended when I bought it just because it can’t connect to an 802.1x network. Please inplement this

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Is it too much to ask to have someone from LaMetric reply to this? And please, if it’s a “no”, give us the respect we deserve as clients and explain why not

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Hmmm...  Maybe one of us should open a support ticket. Think that would wake them up?

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Already did, and after 14 days I got a response saying “the LaMetric time does not support this type of network. Please connect your LaMetric to your iphone’s Hotspot, and use another phone connected to the same hotspot to configure the LaMetric” So, to make a 200€ device work, the support team suggests me to have two phones..... amazing. What bugs me the most is that by inspecting the firmware, I know it’s possible to connect to this kind of network. They simply won’t implement it and won’t explain why.
Still regarding this issue, I opened a new support ticket 7 days ago. The ticket got closed without a response from the support team. They simply closed it with no feedback. Just thought I should let everyone know that lametric apparently has no interest in this subject and prefers to ignore it

Amazing. I've been struggling since I got my units to make use of it because of the lack of support. I also believe it's not ultra-complicated. Requires some design thinking but feasible - the prove is so many IoT devices do it!!

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After opening up one of my devices and changing things up a bit in order to be able to ssh into it, I can confirm that the LaMetric can indeed connect to wpa2-enterprise networks...

This makes me even sadder as it's clearly not a hardware issue but a software limitation, and as such, LaMetric has full control when it comes to not giving us this feature :(

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Hey Miguel,

can you post more information? I would to the same because unless the device is useless now...

Hi guys!

Check out new updates:

LaMetric Time now supports WPA/WPA2 Enterprise wifi networks.

Feel free to share your feedback with us.

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