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*** For Advanced users ***


I created a small Python script that has to run on a router or a NAS (or a PC!) that will test the Ping/DL/UL speed of the Internet connection, based on the popular site.

Code from is (c) of Matt Martz, I reused that script and linked to the Lametric framework.

as I am pretty new to this Lametric stuff, not sure if it will work for everybody as it does for me.

Look for the DLSpeed app here in the catalog and install it on Lametric. Get the 2 Python script attached. Change your Token and mypath in the script to reflect your data (please use the support/forum to understand what and why) and then place them in your device to be scheduled. You can try running directly too.


I wish someone a bit more experienced can take it to the next (easier) level.



(7.27 KB)

Amazing job!
Someone, please help to get this as official app 8-)


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I have successfully gotten this to work. The problem is that the python script will need to be updated for new versions of python3 and the test must be initiated from the local network. It does work with some simple modifications and works fairly well.


Hi need some help to configure the Where can I find the Token and mypath?

Thanks a lot

@R Aiko V Eith: API Key & token, etc.. are from your LaMetric Developer account. The code from the original post is very outdated. There are several Speed-test functions available for current versions of python. — look on GITHUB. My local version simply runs a local speed test on my own machine and pushes that output through JSON to my own LaMetric device. ... I setup icons etc. through the developer portal. This can be recreated using the default testing app with some added code, check out the FAQ on your LaMetric developer account. Hope this helps because it was easier to make a new one than trying to fix this.

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Thanks MacGnG for your support! I want to juse my Synology NAS. But I’m a Newbie in Python. Have you a short Manuel to do this Speedtest and Ping with own NAS an LaMetric? Thanks

Can all this spam be avoided??

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@maurizio, I opened a ticket with LaMetric. As users of this forum, we should be able to report a post but currently can not.
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