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LaMetric expensive in the EU, pricedrop anytime soon?

Topic says it all, guys.

I've been following LaMetric ever since I first found out about it (unforunately, that was after the Kickstarter) and I would really love to get a unit. However, what (still) keeps me from is...

  • ... the staggering asking price of $189 USD (about as much as an Xbox 360 500 GB + Forza Bundle om Amazon!)
  • ... shipping to the EU from Hong Kong
  • ... and on top of that, the EU 25% sales tax plus custom fees

Moreover, since the USD to EUR exchange rate is anything but favorable, I still really can't justify getting a LaMetric.

With all of this in mind, is a decent price drop expected anytime soon?

Best Answer

Hi guys! We are happy to have so many fans in Europe! 

We will search for the ways to decrease a shipping cost and make our European customers happy!

@Lamy, Currently we ship with couriers only and it takes 2-5 days to deliver LaMetric from Hong Kong to the EU. You will get your device in a few days!:)

Einfach bei bestellen, im Moment noch 19 auf Lager ;)

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