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App-Builder does not recognize/respect default values

If one creates a new lametric-application in the webbased app-builder and chooses, within the options, to include a text-field, the app-preview on to of the page (and subsequently the poll-request, which are send out the the "url to get data from") are not respecting the predefined default-values. 

What steps will reproduce the problem? 

  • 1. Build a new indicator (poll)-app
  • 2. Add options to your app (textfield)
  • 3. Set ID, Title and default value
  • 4. Save

What is the expected output? 

The animated App-Preview on top of the page should poll the given URL with the text-field and the set default-value. (i.e.

What do you see instead? 

The animated App-Preview on top of the page is polling the URL without the default value.  (i.e.

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