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Private app not updating on the LaMetric

Has anyone experienced an issues with HTTP POST's via the REST API not updating the LaMetric?

I have a private app that has been working fine up until about 3 days ago and while I get a HTTP 200 response from the REST API for a current version of my private app I'm only getting example data (hard coded) on the LaMetric not the dynamic data supplied in the HTTP POST.

I'm using the latest version of firmware on the LaMetric and the latest version of the iOS app.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Hello I have the same issue. I published a new version of my private app but this new version not appear on my lametric.

Since 24h.

I know it's an old topic, but I have the same issues with PUSH sometimes. When using CURL to post the data it doesn't report any error but the data is not updated on Lametric. Poll data, like Neatatmo, is working instead.
If I go to my private apps section on:
... and I push the data using the API the simulator on the webpage displays the data correctly BUT the LaMetric device is still "sleeping".

I'm sure that restarting the device will work, but I don't think this should be the solution, isn't it? It's the second time I noticed this behaviour in 2 weeks, especially on Saturday (maybe it's a coincidence).


I have asked the LaMetric support team to comment on this thread specifically around a way to notify us (status page, information in the forum) if there are known problems with the API.

Thanks everyone for the comments.

From my last conversation with the LaMetric Support:

"We still have local API support in our backlog, but currently it is hard to say when it will be available."

I don't work for LaMetric :) 

I agree, they need to either give us ability to by pass their API and push directly to the device or provide a status page for their API endpoint. My device was a paperweight for the best part of 2 days (that I noticed)

Thanks John, it seems to have resolved the issue.

If this situation happens again in the future are you able to inform clients via email, status page or in these forums?

Restart your LaMetric - it's been fixed now.

Hopefully this gives the LaMetric team a reason to allow us to push directly to the device rather than rely on a hosted service.

I just got an update from LaMetric:

>Sorry for that. We are experiencing technical issues with our push system. Currently we are working on a fix. Going to release it today.

Fingers crossed.


I just opened a ticket for this as well. I'm seeing the same issue. Data does not refresh on the device, however, it refreshes in the development web interface :)

I've opened a support ticket yesterday about it...everything my side looks fine but it doesn't update. My POLLing apps work fine, the PUSH ones are broken.

Least it's a nice looking paperweight!

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