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Indicator app issue with display frequency

Hello, LaMetric.

I am currently trying to implement a Pomodoro-App that displays work units by the Pomodoro method, and am having an issue with displaying my data. My goal frame is supposed to count down from 25 to 0, so the person using the app knows when to take a break after 25 minutes of work.

For whatever reason though, the counter seems to skip numbers on almost every single occasion. Instead of the counter going down by 1 every call (I have the frequency set to "1 min"), it skips one or two minutes, so from 7 to 4 minutes for example. I don't know why this is caused, due to my code not being faulty in my eyes, maybe somebody else can give me some input.

I've attached both the PHP file that is the called URL by this app as well as the JSON-Objects it modifies and returns, one is a counter for the amount of work units complete, the other stores the data the Lametric should display.

Thank you for your time

Best regards, Patrick

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