LaMetric Development Roadmap


From new features point of view we are moving forward according to the following plan:

  • LaMetric IFTTT channel  (implemented)
  • LaMetric IFTTT Do app - LaMetric app which allows to push any action available on IFTTT with the click of a button (implemented)
  • LaMetric IFTTT Display app - LaMetric app which allows to display any notification from IFTTT-enabled services and connected devices (implemented)
  • Hidden and WEP Wi-Fi networks support (implemented)
  • LaMetric Developer enhancements (oAuth and parameters were implemented)
  • Google Analytics app for LaMetric (implemented - beta)
  • Possibility to choose different time of visibility and hide apps in auto-scroll mode (implemented)
  • Screensaver for LaMetric (implemented)
  • Ability to change scroll speed (implemented)
  • Ability to push LaMetric in the internal network (implemented - beta)
  • App Figures app for LaMetric (implemented)
  • WooCommerce, Shopify apps for LaMetric (WooCommerce - Implemented)
  • Local API for notifications, designed for Smart Home systems (implemented)
  • Japanese language support (implemented)
  • Phillips Hue native support (implemented)
  • Netatmo native support (implemented)
  • Instagram followers App (implemented)
  • Alexa Integration (implemented)
  • LaMetric App. WeMo switch  (implemented)
  • Slack bot (implemented)
  • Possibility to send messages on LaMetric remotely (from a different network) (implemented, meet LaMetric Smile app)
  • Display smartphone notifications on LaMetric Time (implemented)
  • New IFTTT possibilities (implemented)
  • Conrad Connect support (implemented)
  • LaMetric apps schedule mode. The ability to display apps at certain time (implemented)
  • Google Home integration (implemented)
  • LaMetric Sonos App (implemented)
  • LaMetric&Nest Integration (implemented)
  • LIFX native support (implemented)
  • Stripe app (implemented)
  • PayPal App (implemented)
  • Alarm clock improvements (implemented)
  • Youtube analytics App (implemented)
  • News App (implemented)
  • Mixer App (implemented)
  • Daily Agenda App (iCal) (implemented)
  • LaMetric Email app (iCloud, Microsoft Outlook support) (implemented)
  • Updated LaMetric Appstore (implemented)
  • Strava app (implemented)
  • Nanoleaf&LaMetric integration (implemented)
  • Udemy app (implemented)
  • Spotify app (implemented)
  • YouTube Donations app  (implemented) 
  • Sharing private apps to multiple users (implemented)
  • WPA2-Enterprise networks support (implemented)
  • Google Home integration update (French)  (implemented) 
  • Radio app improvements (implemented)
  • HomeConnect native integration   (implemented) 
  • Weather icons for Clock app  (implemented) 
  • LaMetric Smile app for Android   (implemented) 
  • Patreon app  (implemented)
  • Day icons for Clock app  (implemented) 
  • Facebook star rating app  (implemented) 
  • Day app   (implemented) 
  • Date app   (implemented) 
  • Favorite clock faces category (implemented)
  • Black Screensaver  (implemented) 
  • RSS Feed app  (implemented) 
  • Pomodoro Timer app (implemented)
  • My data DIY app (implemented) 
  • Sleep timer for radio app (implemented) 
  • LaMetric Reminder app (implemented)
  • LaMetric Chime Clock (implemented) 
  • Subscriber Counter (for Telegram)  app (implemented)
  • Google Alert app (implemented)
  • Post Tracker for Facebook app (implemented)
  • Post Tracker for Instagram app (implemented)
  • Custom Counter app (implemented)
  • My Data (Google Sheet) app (implemented)
  • Egg Timer app (implemented)
  • Snake Game app (implemented)
  • Facebook Group Counter app (implemented)
  • Mi Light app (implemented)
  • IKEA Tradfri app (implemented)
  • Sunrise/Sunset (implemented)
  • Display for Netatmo Healthy Home Coach app (implemented)
  • Follower Counter for TikTok (Beta) (implemented)
  • Controller for LaMetric SKY (implemented)
  • My data DIY app (no code possibilities, MQTT/web sockets support) (implemented)
  • WPA3  support (for SKY and TIME devices produced from 2022) (implemented)
  • Homey integration (for TIME and SKY) (implemented)
  • Screen Mirror for SKY (on PC and Mac) (implemented)
  • Razer Chroma integration for SKY (implemented)
  • Home Assistant MQTT Discovery protocol  (implemented) 
  • On-Device Web Portal  (for SKY and TIME devices produced from 2022) (implemented) 
  • sACN (Art-Net) protocol (for SKY devices)  (implemented) 

Last update added: 11 Jul 2024

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Hi team - it's great to see a list of your progress and even better to see that you're still updating it 3 years later!

ETA on Shopify app? I'm setup in my e-commerce office and would looooove to watch sales chime in. Google analytics is great, but doesn't reflect our actual sales accurately and is very delayed. 

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Ждём с нетерпением. Синхронизацию нескольких устройств вместе.
Would love to see Amazon Seller Central added to this list! I'd like to get the metrics of my sales and whatnot from there.

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I would love to see the option for an app to pull LaMetric-compliant JSON data directly from another device on the same network (i.e. a home server) simply by entering a URL, i.e. http://myserver.local/api/lametric.php (dummy link).

Hi guys,

Please feel free to share your ideas on our Forum!

The best and most requested ones are discussed with our Development Team regarding the possibility of further implementation.  

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