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Anyone familiar enough with Groovy that could give me the basics on how to:

1. Build the data into the correct format

2. Send the data to a LaMetric Push app

I'm looking at creating a SmartThings smart app that will display specific data when an event happens in my SmartHome.  I'm familiar enough with SmartApps that I can create the app and build in the appropriate logic to run the necessary procedures.

What I don't know is how, in groovy, to build the data into an appropriate variable to then be sent to LaMetric.  I'm assuming it's something to do with jsonBuilder maybe?  But I'm just not sure.  So that's Step 1 above.

Step 2 would be how to send this data to my push app in LaMetric.  I know I need the APP_ID and the ACCESS_TOKEN that I get when I create the LaMetric push app, but I don't know where or how to set the data created in step 1 along with this other stuff to LaMetric.

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