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Remember more than one WiFi network

I would like to use it at home, but also when I'm at a trade show.  So I would like it to connect to my home WiFi and my Phone's personal WiFi hot-spot without having to reconfigure.

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Just wondering if this is incoming - I move across two wifi spots each day and have to reset the unit every time - this means joining the wifi, re downloading and re configuring apps.

If it could remember settings and then just sign into a new wifi that would be great, rather than a whole new set up.


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I'm also waiting for this.

This stops me taking my LaMetric out and connecting through my phone hotspot.  Which means no one other person ever sees the device in public and thus you loose out on selling more devices.

My two devices are locked at home cuz I cannot take them out.  And I don't want to reconfigure the WiFi settings everyone I want to move it.

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Just to add to this, a use case.

People take their laptop a their workplace or a cafe with WiFi.  They connect their laptop to the WiFi so how do they get their LaMetic also connected.

I think you need to add the ability to connect their LaMetric to their laptop using BlueTooth and use their laptop WiFi to connect it to the Internet.

This means customers can use their LaMetric anywhere they get their laptop connected.

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It says here this feature is implemented.. great! But how does it work? How many wifi networks can it remember and how i setup an extra wifi network?

Hey, what about this feature?

I really need this one...

Dear Lametric team, please answer

Thank you :)

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