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Feature request: volume control on the phone / in the streaming app

When the LaMetric is used as a Bluetooth speaker the volume can be controlled in the LaMetric app only (or on the device itself). So you have to switch apps e.g. when you stream music or listen to a podcast.

Actually the volume is controlled in several places - on phone and additionally on LaMetric. It would be better if the volume was set by using the volume settings in the phone/iPad app that is streaming the music etc.

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Yes -- it would be great to control volume from, say, Music or iBooks apps from my iPhone. 

My receiver (Onkyo) honors volume changes from the apps when connected to via BT. This seems to be done relatively, it does not actually change the receiver's volume amplification: Full volume from the app translates to current volume level (say 42), half volume in the app leaves the receiver volume level at 42, but makes the stream less loud, mute from the app results in silence stream at level 42. 

Looks like LaMetric has to respect the volume level in their code processing the stream. 

Basically, this is no a feature request but a MUST. I expected it to work this way... 

Can control volume from spotify Not have utility to use Bluetooth if i can control volume only from LeMetric app ;)

Agree that ability to control volume from within music app (vs within LaMetric settings) would be very nice improvement.  Also, it would be nice if the lowest volume setting was a bit quieter.  I like to leave certain channels on throughout the day & need a very low setting while trying to speak on the phone, etc.

Hi guys! We would like to let you know that since firmware 1.6.0 you will be able to control LaMetric's volume directly from any music app you use to stream. Firmware is already live and you should receive an update soon. So check out LaMetric Time app for the update. 

Great! Thanks!

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