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How about the ability to connect multiple devices

this was the reason I purchased 3 of these.

They are cool but not useful for the people that purchased for this reason.  

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I agree it was one of the reasons I bought into the product... It would be a shame not to see it.

we had our reasons to buy the lametric for me this also was one reason. 

Also the direct intranet connection was a reason.

Lametric promised this o the Kickstarter but is not delivering on both.

is even not in the raodmap???

Also they are not reacting to any topic at all.

I think they need to put a lametric display in their offices, so we can communicate with them on normal mails and topics they are not responding :(

so dont expect this at all, thats clear by now!

Are there any news about the possibility to connect two or more Lametrics?

Thanks for an answer.

Waiting for that too gor a long time now.....
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