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Custom News

anybody willing to create a customizable News app?

or can the source code of the news app retrievable? i can give a try...


I've made a BBC UK headlines news app. I can now easily adapt it to other countries/feeds. What would you like to see?

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Hi, thanks for the offer! Is the source code on git or else? I'd like to give it a try. I have a NAS I can use to push the data. If not, this rss would do: Thanks! M

Hi Maurizio,

The code is a bit scrappy (I've not done any PHP for about 8 years) so at the moment I'm keeping it private until I've tidied it up.

I've created a Corriere della Sera app for you - it's on the public app area. :-)



for the Germans i'd love to see: 


Thanks sooo much!


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Thanks! The Italian news works smoothly!!!!!


tagessschau nicht umsetzbar. Sie generieren zu viel Frames.

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