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Ability to switch APP from API


Currently the iOS/Android App allow you to switch between application. In order to integrate Lametric time in my home automation setup, I'd like to be able to switch from an application to another using the API.

For instance, I'd like to show blanc frame (like sleep mode for the screen) when nobody is at home. So this way I can save life time to the display.

What I have found so far:

The device provide the rest API through fastGCI scrip running on localhost, lighthttpd is taking care of the authentication:

  • First the client need to provide a client certificate in order to establish SSL connection (each application Android/iOS is embedding it's own cert)
  • Then a Basic user/password is required to use the internal API.

I'm pretty sure I can achieve to get access to the internal API but this is not the way to go.

Thanks to consider Internal API access :)

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"actions " not action...

POST http://<local ip>:8080/api/v2/device/apps/com.lametric.countdown/widgets/f03ea1ae1ae5f85b390b460f55ba8061/actions/

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