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Can't wait for IFTT intergration, I think it will give the lametric a lot more power. For instance, IF the LA Lakers are playing, then send live scores to Lametric display.

Even some smart home integration, IF doorbell is pressed, play tone and display doorbell icon/text.

Keep up the great work guys, you're on the verge of something awesome!

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James Edward Teague - I'm really looking forward to this, thanks so much! I would be happy to test, IFTTT basically runs my life.

@james . I'm up and running and it looks good (will have to wait till home to test). Just wanted to say a BIG thanks for working on this and going above and beyond with the personal service you have provided! :)

Hey no problem James - happy to help! Do share how you get on and what you use it for! Always love hearing how people are finding uses for it...

James, all good and working. Thanks for your support. I ended up testing an interesting use case. Let's say I had a store front and wanted to use it to display timed (kind of repetitive) and untimed messages in my store or location. The combination of Google calendar to handle the timed messages, and IFTTT's SMS channel, one can publish content. The caveat is that you can't jam a bunch of messages it appears thru IFTTT and as you mentioned, that's where the weak link is.

I have 3 data pipes feeding the LaMetric; SMS, Google Calendar, and raw IFTTT.

1) For the Google calendar, I simply use a tag in the subject line and filter on that in IFTTT using if SMS (with string say LM:), then push to LaMetric (via a word press hook). Filter tags in the body don't appear to be consumed by IFTTTs filter for routing. By using a calendar tag filter, you can use any calendar and mix it with other content as long as you don't use that tag in the other content. 

2) The raw IFTTT in my use case is simply for weather as there are particular types of local weather reports that I want at certain times of day. I'm a kite skier, so I push weather 3 times, before I go to sleep, before I wake up, and after I've waken up but before I've left; and these are all separate IFTTT requests.

3) For SMS messages, I am sending directly to my IFTTT phone channel number (only known to me), which is configured to route all messages to LaMetric

Sofie, have a look at James reply on page one starting out with "OK Folks, it's here... IFTTT/DO Button App Support for Lametric!", it really does only take a few minutes to set up as long as you have some experience with IFTTT. He piece is exactly as it as written as is the few minutes part. In my IFTTT trigger I used an Phone Call Channel number, then as James mentioned in his configuration, his Wordpress action. Works like a charm!

Great post Grant! I love hearing how people are using this; your example is very interesting. I have mine rigged up to the location channel on IFTTT to notify when my partner and I are on our way home from work. I also have it rigged up to the email channel. This is especially useful as you can use it to push messages to your lametric when you are out of the house. I am hoping Smartatoms up their game with the developer side of things. At the moment my implementation is a hacky way of getting it to work because quite simply there isn't any other way of doing it at present. That said, I can add support so that users can use custom icons for each different lametric alert/IFTTT recipe post. I shall keep working. In the meantime, keep posting your great examples of how you are using it! James

Yep, big interest. I know it was on the initial campaign video that helped a number of people decide to buy. In fact, it is the only reason I really want to use the Lametric for.

Appreciate the work your doing!

Hey James, I have two of the LaMetrics. As IFTTT is bound to one WordPress channel, there is currently no way for me to create 2 separate LaMetric apps, so I can display two separate feeds, rightEven if I used a different email with your service, I am still limited by the IFTTT singularity on WordPress.

@christian have you managed to work it out yet? On a separate note, I'm thrilled to see how much use people have had out of it. Would have been nice to have had some feedback from Smartatoms - I have helped their users push over 14,500 messages already by means of the IFTTT gateway (a feature that really should have been present from day 1!)
I'm Interesses as will.
Discard my previous post which was destroyed by German auto-correction. Here's what I intended to say: I'm interested as well. ;-)

Got IFTTT up and running...  Love being able to use Custom Icons.  One question: Is there a want to get IFTTT to not as part of the rotating display?  I'd like to just see it pop up with notifications but not repeat.

Thanks James, yes I have. It was a simple doh moment, as I was using HTML instead of PHP..... 

@James The setup went smoothly and I got it working with several triggers e.g. date/time or email. Problems seem to exist with the weather channel (sunrise, sunset, and others): though the trigger fires and should create a Wordpress action nothing displays on the LaMetric. Am I doing something wrong (no idea) or are there issues with using specific channels?

When creating a recipe in IFTTT my "Please select LaMetric App to trigger app" drop down list is blank.

Tried several times to connect within the android lametric app to the IFTTT channel, but it just keeps taking me to the sign in page for IFTTT.


Did you install the IFTTT App inside LaMetric?

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