Follow the next steps to update software:

1.Connect device to PC using USB cable.

2.Start device in Recovery mode (press and hold Volume Up button and short press the On/Off button at the same time).

3.Mount mass storage (navigate in Recovery mode to ‘MOUNT’ using Left or Right navigation buttons and confirm with Action button)

4. PC should detect new mass storage device and LaMetric Time will be temporarily locked.

5. Drop latest software file from to the root folder of the disk drive that appeared on your PC.

6. Safely disconnect LaMetric Time from PC and reboot it (navigate to ‘REBOOT’ using Left or Right buttons and confirm with Action button).

7. The software will be installed automatically. The device will reboot few times.

8. In a case of some issue - error file update.err.txt will be created on the disk. To check the error – mount disk again and open the file to find out the reason of failure.

If you have any other questions please feel free to drop an email to