1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com  and register as Developer

2. Complete registration and create an app

3. Follow the below steps to create a new App ID

  • Enter app name
  • Enter your email

4. Setup Facebook Login

5. Select Web

6. Fill out Site URL (Should be https://lametric.com/) and save changes

7. Go to Facebook login Settings and input Redirect URI (Should be https://developer.lametric.com/redirect). Save Changes.

8. Go to Settings > Basic and there you'll find your App ID and App Secret

9. Use them to configure Facebook Fan Counter (DIY) App for LaMetric Time and Login with your Facebook account (IMPORTANT: you need to login to the same Facebook account you used to register yourself on Facebook Developer Portal)

10. Select Facebook Page


Should be there any questions please drop an email to support@lametric.com