You can set multiple alarms via LaMetric Time mobile app or on the device directly.

To set alarms via app go to Clock app settings and choose 'Alarms':

- Tap 'Add alarm':

- Now you can set time the alarm will play, sound, day it will repeat or enable 'Wake up with Radio':

- Select days:

- Make sure you saved alarm configuration. Tap 'Save' in the right top of the screen:

- To add more alarms tap 'Add alarm'

- You can remove or edit alarms. Tap 'Edit' to start:

- Tap red circle to remove the alarm

You can also set alarms directly on the device.

- To see alarm configuration (whether alarms are on or off and what time was set) use short press on the Action Button when you see current time on your device (if you press it again, you will be moved back to clock).

Long press on action Button will disable all alarms

- Then (while you see  'Add alarm screen') press and hold a few seconds the Action Button to enter edit mode and have possibility to change alarm settings


- You can now configure time the alarm will wake you up, the day it will play enable/disable it, set 'Wake up with radio'.

In edit mode, current section that can be changed starts to blink. Left or Right navigation buttons allow moving between sections. Action Button changes value

First section - Alarm Status. When handbell is colored - the alarm is on, when it is black &white - off

When you choose radio icon in the first section and set the alarm, radio will start to play instead of alarm sound

Select days when you'd like alarm to play

- To delete alarm use Left navigation button when you are in the edit mode. Confirm action with the short press on Action Button

- After you have changed all you needed, press and hold a few seconds the Action Button to confirm the configuration. After that short click on Action Button to return to the current time

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