In this tutorial, we describe step by step process to setup Follower Counter for Business Instagram on your LaMetric Time device.

You must have:

  • a Facebook Page with an administrator role on it
  • an Instagram Business account with a Facebook page linked to it


 1. Go to your LaMetric Time companion app on your smartphone and choose your LaMetric Time device

 2. Install the Follower Counter for Business Instagram app from LaMetric Market (refer to section 4.5 in our User Guide);

 3. Open the app's settings and log in with your Facebook account (make sure you gave the permissions on the page you want to track):

 1) Tap on 'Login with Facebook'

 2) tap 'Copy Code' button

 3) visit page directly in your browser 

 4) paste copied code and tap 'Continue'

5) select Instagram account you want to track and tap 'Next' button

 6) select page you want to track and tap 'Next' button

 7) turn on all options on the next page and tap 'Done' button

 8) when you get message that you've linked Follower Counter to Facebook, tap 'OK'

 9) now you are logged in, tap '<Login with Facebook' to return to the app settings

 10) tap on Instagram account option and select your Instagram account to track.


My Instagram account is not linked to Facebook

I don't know how to create an Instagram Business account

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