Follow these steps to configure Follower Counter app for your LaMetric Time.

1. Login to Instagram Developer and start registering new application:


Sometimes, Instagram may ask your phone number, website and purpose of developer account. Enter your active phone number and a website. And for the last question you can write 'To create my own follower-tracking application'.

2. Start registering new client:


3. Fill in form with the data:


  • Application Name – can be any name. "Follower Counter" would be fine.
  • Description – can be any description, for example "Displays my Instagram followers on LaMetric Time"
  • Company Name –  put your company name here (can be any name)
  • Website URL – put your website URL here
  • Important! Valid redirect URIs – must be Also, make sure to press ENTER when field is filled. Otherwise it will not be saved.
  • Privacy policy URL – can be
  • Contact Email – your contact email, for example 

4. Once application is registered click on Manage button.


5. Fill in client ID, client secret and redirect URI from the app details page into settings of Follower Counter app.


6.  Now login with your Instagram username and password by pressing on "Account" menu and track your Followers!