When you see the screen with not available LaMetric, it means that device and smartphone cannot connect to each other. 

Tap on LaMetric to find out the reason of the problem.

There appears the screen with possible cases. Scroll to find out all of them.

Look at your device:

If you see, it means LaMetric lost Wi-Fi, it may happen when the device was moved to another place. Tap on the same image on the screen, then click on Setup and begin the configuration process.

Please make sure your network is supported by LaMetric.

Now you can see the unique name of your LaMetric on the screen.


You should connect your smartphone or tablet to the Wi-Fi network with this name.

For iPhone users, just press the Home button on your smartphone and go to your iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings. 

Choose the network with the name which you see on LaMetric and come back to LaMetric Time application.

For Android users, go to your phone Wi-Fi settings (tap Open Settings).

Choose a network with the same name which you see on LaMetric in the Wi-Fi list and come back to LaMetricTime application.

Connect LaMetric to home/office Wi-Fi network via LaMetric Time app. Select your home or office Wi-Fi network, which you usually use, to connect LaMetric to and enter the password. Tap Set up in the right corner on iPhone, or tap Next on Android smartphone to continue.


                    iOS                                                           Android

Wait a few seconds while LaMetric is connecting to Wi-Fi network.





Wait until LaMetric is configuring. It is ready for use! LaMetric Time is ticking now. You just need to tap Go when the screen, that you see below, appears.


                          iOS                                                        Android


Detailed instructions you can also find in User Guide (Section 4.Configuration via the application).