1. Make sure LaMetric is ready. Look at LaMetric, it should be waiting for the connection with your phone or tablet. Tap Next to continue.

Then come back to LaMetric Time application.


2. Connect to LaMetric. Now you can see the unique name of your LaMetric. You should connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network with this name. 


Just press the Home button on your smartphone and go to your iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings.


 Choose network with the name you see on LaMetric.



Come back to LaMetric app.

3. Connect LaMetric to home/office Wi-Fi network. Select your home or office Wi-Fi network, which you usually use, to connect LaMetric to and enter the password. Tap Set up in the right corner.

If you wish to connect your LaMetric to the hidden Wi-Fi access point please choose 'Other' network like on the following screenshot:

4. Wait a few seconds while LaMetric is connecting to Wi-Fi network.

 5. Time at LaMetric. Congratulations, your LaMetric is ticking now! You can press the Right or Left navigation button to switch between the Weather and Radio as well. But this is not the end! You might want to continue device configuration and make it show other information. You just need to tap Go on the last step of the configuration process. 

Read more in 3.3.2. Configuration of User Guide.