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False notifications

Morning - I have published an app that logs rainfall (London Rainfall app on the store) - it have set it to notify but keep getting false notifications come up without any data change. It seems to trigger a notification at random times.

It did used to work, displaying on a new rainfall measurement and i am not sure why it is not playing up.

Any ideas would be great.


I was having the same issue with one of my stock apps when setting it to S&P. It would keep doing a notification without any information changing. I submitted a ticket to LaMetric but they said they weren’t able to reproduce the issue. I ended up deleting all three stock apps I had since the Dow Jones produces no data.

Just wondering if there is a dev response to this - i have had to turn mine off as the false notifications were driving me nuts...


Still getting the same error - just wondering if there is any update?

I checked to see if Dow Jones data was pulling on the stock apps again and it is. So I added it, duplicated it twice, and added Nasdaq and S&P to the other two stock apps. I hid them and turned notifications on so it would only show when new data was pulled. Both the Dow Jones and S&P stock apps are notifying me today with no new data again. They’re notifying about every 5 minutes and displaying the same data they did the last time. The stock markets aren’t even trading today. So obviously there’s an issue with notifications showing up with no new data.
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