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Problems with Netatmo Wind Strengt

Hi, I just bought the wind sensor from Netatmo and have an issue with displaying the wind strength. If I add this value to my LaMetric, the display stopps at this value and the auto scroll doesn't work anymore. I also miss an icon for the wind strength like for the other values of the Netatmo.

Well, a simple power cycle fixed it all ;)

Hi there, I get exactly the same result... two years later. Anyone got a solution ? Thanx ! Luc

Hi guys,

Could you please share your weather station to our account (it can be done from your Netatmo account)? This will help to reproduce the issue and fix it.

Let us know once it's done.

Hi! I have exactly the same problem, with wind strength or rain. Every data I tried from the wind sensor or the pluviometer do the same thing. Is there a way to fix it? Thanks!


Thanks for reporting about the issue. We are working on fixing it.

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