LaMetric Time Firmware 1.6.1 Released!

Hi everyone!

Today we have released new LaMetric Time firmware that improves IFTTT support. Check out our LaMetric Time channel

We have created new action – Display Notification. It works in a way many of you have been requesting – notification is displayed on your device without the need of installing any additional apps. You will be able to configure notification sound as well as the priority of the notifications. 

Notification Priorities

There are two notification priorities – normal and important. 

Normal priority is useful for informational messages, like RSS news or twitter. They will be ignored when the screen saver is active and will not interrupt your sleep. 

Important priority is useful when you want to get messages from security systems, like smoke detectors or SmartThings. These messages will be shown when the screensaver is active so you don't miss them.

Old recipes

Old "Display Notification" action has new name – Update Indicator. It means that you can install IFTTT Indicator app and push data there. This value will stay until a new one is received. Don't worry – old recipes will still work ;)

Local API 

There are few changes to the local device API in this firmware. We have simplified it by removing the need of putting Content-Type and Accept headers while doing requests. 

As usual, full change log can be found here.