LaMetric + SmartThings

Hey, guys! We would like to share some news with you! Our team spent some time developing SmartThings integration with LaMetric and we did it! But.... SmartThings currently does not accept new smart apps into their store because of, how they said, improving underlying infrastructure. That is why we decided to publish the source code of LaMetric smart apps to our public GitHub repository.

If you are familiar with developing smart apps for SmartThings you can try LaMetric integration today! All you have to do is to create one device handler and two smart apps (LaMetric (Connect) and LaMetric Notifier). Source code is available here. LaMetric device API reference is available here

Please note, that device handler and smart apps work with LaMetric firmware v1.6.0. Please share your experience on the forums! Thanks!

UPD: For OAuth2 to work you have to create Notification App. This will give you client_id and client_secret.