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Instagram-App ?

I serch a working Instagram app?
The one in the "Store" unfortunately no longer works because Instagram has changed the API (says the Developer).

Yeah, still not working for me. The weirdest part is when I login via the app in LaMetric it shows this: 


But when I click back in it says I need to login again:


No errors or anything, and the LaMetric display stills shows 0 followers. I emailed the above plus my settings screen grabs to support, hopefully they can help sort it out. - k

Not working for me ... still waiting for your good news :-(

Does not work for me either. It doesnt keep me logged in to Instagram in the settings of the lametric app. Tried a bunch of different settings on the instagram developer client.

We are checking if there are any issues with the app. We will get back to you shortly.

Not Working.. 


Please send us the screenshots of your LaMetric Instagram app settings, so we could check. Thank you 


I'm having the same issue as Kevin (where it doesn't keep you logged in) What's going on? Have you guys found a solution for this?

Main reason why some of us purchased the lametric is use the ig feature

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