LaMetric Time Firmware 1.6.0 Released!

Hey, guys! 

It has been a while since the last update! Today we released a new firmware update that has good features.

SmartThings + LaMetric

LaMetric Time now has local API that is open and documented. That allows integrating LaMetric Time into different smart home solutions. We have also developed device handler and smart apps for SmartThings platform. It allows configuring your LaMetric as a smart home notification display. The apps are in review and will be available once SmartThings approve them.

LaMetric Time API v2 for Developers

New REST API v2 is now available. We started with an ability to send a notification to the device in the local network and get basic device state like volume, brightness, wi-fi, Bluetooth etc.

We also introduced the term Notification App – this is not a LaMetric native app but rather 3rd party external app that can access the LaMetric user account. 

To send notifications to LaMetric Time the steps would be:

1. Create Notification App on

2. Login the user to LaMetric Cloud via OAuth2

3. Get API key and IP address of the user's device or discover the device in local network

4. Use the API key in every request to LaMetric Time device.

LaMetric Developer documentation can be found here. We will constantly extend it so check back often. 

Notifications UI Update

We also re-worked notification functionality and introduced multiple types of notifications that can be displayed with different priorities.

Regular notifications will be displayed with "i" icon before the message. Important notifications and critical ones will be displayed with "!" or "!!!" icon.

Also, critical notifications will be able to pop while the screensaver is active.

And as usual, full changelog can be found here.


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Here is a tutorial on sending local push notifications with LaMetric Time Firmware 1.6.0