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linking of Two Devices

What about linking more than one device to work in parallel.  I find that the width of the screen coupled with the large font size (and scrolling speed) is too small for long words to be read effectively.


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Was this question/issue ever resolved? Can you link one phone to two or more lametric time devices?


I live in the UK, Amazon doesn't support Alexa here so everything is done via IFTTT.

@Michael jelves, are you getting the push to work? I am also developing with the Amazon Echo and when I say something like "Alexa, ask MyApp to show message hello", I can see that my code is sending a push request to the lametric app but nothing is changing. Even curl isn't getting through.

I am indeed using IFTTT. I use motion sensors to trigger lighting in various places, I'm sending notifications to LaMetric for lights on and off, temperature changes and daylight changes (all in one sensors). I'm also using Amazon Echo and receive notifications about added shopping items and to-do's. You are right, if you are scrolling then you will see the last SmartThings message until it gets pushed. It doesn't bother me too much as it's always pinging off. At the end of the day...... do I really need this? Hell NO! Do I love it, Hell Yes! Now, if we could just get that double display working........ 

Just out of curiosity, how are you using it with SmartThings?  I wanted to do something like display a message is someone came home or a door was left open, but I'm also scrolling through time, weather, and the note pad app, so the only way that I can think to do that is via IFTTT, but then that same message will always scroll through until it's pushed off by a new message.

Hi Chris, 

Yes I have to admit I had it firmly in my head that I would be able to join 2 or 3 units together to give a longish display. I also feel that a device of this size is limited. Fingers crossed these issues are being addressed. Personally my device pauses in the middle of sentences, and sometimes speeds up, particularly on the news feeds. Do you have this issue? I wonder how a 2nd device would keep in sync with that flaw? 

Having said all that I have mine integrated with SmartThings and I'm still loving it for that. 

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Nope, can't be done right now.  LaMetric has been depressingly quiet right now in terms of communication and/or updates.

I love the hardware of the device... REALLY cool, but right now the software isn't usable for me as anything more than a fancy digital clock.

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Hello All, New user here with one device up and working, was looking to buy a 2nd to link and scroll but I'm guessing nothing has moved forward in this area? Michael

same here!

if lametric would communicate I dont have a problem so much and can wait, but this is really very bad!!

A wat of working you see with most kickstaters, they promise everything to get the money....

damn straight.

Who could argue with that Marty?? :)

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No.  You are right.  Well said.  Damnit. :)

I just wish they had the one big feature done for what I needed it for.... because, as you know, I am the most important person here.  :)

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Not to defend LaMetric, well, okay, maybe a little bit, but they were stuck in a Catch-22.  The hardware was done and already very late in getting delivered to customers.  But the software was still lagging behind.  So what options did they have:

1.) Hold the (already very late) product from shipping until software was all complete

2.) Ship with incomplete software

If they do #1 most backers would be complaining, wondering where their reward was when it was already 3/4 of a year late.  People were already upset and some were demanding refunds, so LaMetric had to get the product out soon.

But if they do #2 people will be complaining that it's incomplete on the software side... where the feature to send SMS to the device?  Where's the feature to communicate on intranet?  Where's the feature to link multiple devices together?

Option 2 was probably the right way to go, but it does leave a number of users wanting features they were promised.

So to answer the implied question: Why did LaMetric release the product before the software was all complete?  Because that was the lesser of two bad options.

Also I will defend their decision to focus on IFTTT first.  This is something that will benefit the most users the soonest, so it makes sense to put that as their priority.  

Now, having said all that... they do need to get things rolling here.  It seems they've been largely absent from the forums and that's bothersome.  It would be nice to at least have them pop in here occasionally and let us know where they are at or what sort of vague timeline they are looking at for updates to the promised features.  It would help to know that the product has been abandoned.

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2?  I bought 3 for this reason exactly.  When I contacted LaMetric, they said they are more focused on the IFTTT integration.  I think it is kind of crappy that shipped the product without features they said they will have.  It doesn't do me any good, because I can't use they the way I wanted to anyway.

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