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Google Analytics

One of the publicised features of the original Kickstarter was Google Analytics integration.  Hopefully it's on the radar?

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 +1 any news?

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We are also interested in GA integration, esp. we want to Display Goals etc. 

Plus 1 - that was the main reason for buying lametric ;-/

same here +1

Guys, we just released beta version of Google Analytics app. Check it out!

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Thank you guys - this is fantastic news! I really appreaciate it that you guys took care of this. You made my day!

I installed the app and this is a very good start. I love being able to segment and choose key metrics!

Probably the most important metric of Analytics is Conversions/Goals. Do you see any chance of incorporating this into the app? 

Kind regards from Berlin, Tim

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I was hoping that we were talking about real-time analytics, but seems like real time is not supported.
Will it be in the future?


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Any news on the integration of conversions/goals?

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@Joerg, Please check out Google Analytics (Goals) app in LaMetric Store. Let us know your thoughts!

Google analytics now currently presents all your traffic reports and all goals you have set.

It is now a complete tool to monitor your website's info graphics.

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