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Google Analytics

One of the publicised features of the original Kickstarter was Google Analytics integration.  Hopefully it's on the radar?

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 +1 any news?

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We are also interested in GA integration, esp. we want to Display Goals etc. 

Plus 1 - that was the main reason for buying lametric ;-/

same here +1

Guys, we just released beta version of Google Analytics app. Check it out!

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Thank you guys - this is fantastic news! I really appreaciate it that you guys took care of this. You made my day!

I installed the app and this is a very good start. I love being able to segment and choose key metrics!

Probably the most important metric of Analytics is Conversions/Goals. Do you see any chance of incorporating this into the app? 

Kind regards from Berlin, Tim

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I was hoping that we were talking about real-time analytics, but seems like real time is not supported.
Will it be in the future?


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Any news on the integration of conversions/goals?

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@Joerg, Please check out Google Analytics (Goals) app in LaMetric Store. Let us know your thoughts!

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