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Can't wait for IFTT intergration, I think it will give the lametric a lot more power. For instance, IF the LA Lakers are playing, then send live scores to Lametric display.

Even some smart home integration, IF doorbell is pressed, play tone and display doorbell icon/text.

Keep up the great work guys, you're on the verge of something awesome!

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I've installed the "IFTTT Display" App in the LaMetric software....tried the "how to connect" section, but every time I try to hit sign in on the IFTTT page it brings up, I just get stuck in a loop of re-displaying the login page...


Thanks the pictures helped and I think i have it setup right now. Won't know for sure till I get home on same network as Lametric to add the new app. Thanks very much for your work and patience with us on this!


Shouldn't have to sign in from your phone.  Just activate the channel in IFTTT from your computer.  You should see IFTTT Display in the LaMetric App option.

Emphasis on the *should* part above.  But after installing the app in LaMetric you should see that as an option in

I'd be happy to help test as well.

Yup that's correct Grant. Unless of course you have 2 different devices running IFTTT. If you can state a good enough case of why you might need 1 device pushing to multiple feeds then I may consider adding this for you. It is possible to do, although would require more of my time to implement it that's all...

Just a note - my system needs to verify your email address. I understand these go to your junk-mail folder by default, so if you don't receive the email, check there first. If it still doesn't arrive within a few minutes, re-enter your email in the 'forgot your password' page.

I just sign in. I will try to make it work this week-end. Thanks a lot for the great work and the step by step explanations!


Thanks much for doing this.  I signed up on your site.  I'm going to work through the instructions when I get home tonight and play with it.

One question: Am I correct in my understanding that there isn't a way to specify a specific icon per message, correct?

I can add this functionality from my end if this is something that is highly requested. I won't get time to work on this until next week though. Please let me know how you get on setting this up!

Tricky but I got it to run. Thanks for your great effort and extraordinary setup instructions.

Confirmed emails go to spam

Yup - they seem to go to spam/junk mail - but I have already mentioned this. Not an issue. Let me know if you have success setting it up!
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